December Conference Call Notes

Hello, everyone!

In December the steering committee for the Northwest Pennsylvania Alliance for Response held a conference call to discuss end of year business as well as what to expect in 2019.

Please find the notes from this call below:

Positions for next year

  • Laura Bouch, Chair
  • Sue Beates and Melinda Meyer, Programming Co-Chairs
  • Jen Amann, Secretary & Communications Chair

PaCRT training

  • There were 50 people on the team when it first developed in 2016. Because of a steady drop in returning members, they are opening applications to all members of AfR.
  • Samantha led the Eastern training event in Chester County. There were about 15 people there, which was a little less than expected because of a big snow storm that hit the eastern side of the state the day before.
  • Miranda led the Western training event in Butler County. There were 8 people in attendance. They had a really great time connecting. Everyone took the training really seriously, and there was a lot of interested expressed in meeting up with team members more regularly.


  • We have been actively seeking grant funding for more workshops in 2019
    • Spring, Summer, and Fall
    • The locations for the workshops have yet to be decided


  • If anyone would like to be included in the NWPA AFR email list, please get in touch with us at!
    • We will be going over our existing email list very soon

Supply Cache and Agreement

  • A supply cache inventory has been completed and will be made publicly available soon
  • The supply cache agreement will also be posted online shorty


As always, if you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out to us at

Happy New Year!





Welcome! A little bit of background…

Welcome to Northwest Pennsylvania Alliance for Response’s new website! Here you can gain access to blog posts, past workshops and connections to members throughout the region!

NWPA AFR is a branch of the parent organization, Alliance for Response. There are currently 26 AFR groups, with seven in Pennsylvania alone. These include:

  • Philadelphia
  • Suburban Philadelphia
  • Northeastern
  • Northwestern (us)
  • South Central
  • Burks-Lehigh Northampton
  • Pittsburgh

Our footprint reaches to the following counties:

  • Clarion
  • Crawford
  • Erie
  • Forest
  • Mercer
  • Venango

 But all are welcome to attend our events (even if you are outside of our region).

To visit our other pages, please check out our presence here:

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To sign up as a member, please email the nwpa afr gmail account with the following:

  • your name (or all members if you are signing up your institution)
  • title/position
  • organization

Membership is free, and is open to all members of cultural/heritage institutions or first responders. You will get access to emails and updates to workshops and events.